Here at Bliss on Crown, your pleasure is our delight and our Happy Ending Massage is all about you. 

To start with our happy ending massage service

When you arrive, you’ll be shown to one of our private waiting rooms by one of our Friendly Receptionists, we understand the importance of your privacy while here and will ensure you do not run into any other clients. There you need to get yourself ready to meet all of our available sexy masseuses and decide who are you going to see?!? If you were super organised you may have already made an appointment with one of our wonderful ladies via email or phone call. Each and every one of our gorgeous girls are experts in the craft of erotic massage and giving pleasure.

Come to check out our luxurious massage rooms
Come to check out our luxurious massage rooms

You’ll need to decide how long you’d like to relax for now? 

30 mins? 45 mins? 60 mins? 

If in doubt,  book for a longer period of time initially (especially first time clients). This ensures that no appointments are taken that could potentially cut in to your Happy Ending Massage. Nothing worse than realizing half an hour in to a 45 minute massage that you’d actually like an hour and then not being able to extend and really who doesn’t want more time time with a naked, oiled up babe!

Meet our Masseuses

We hate disappointing you but our girls are super busy for a reason, they’re super sexy & experts at what they do which makes them so very popular!

You’ll be taken upstairs to your allocated room, the lights already dimmed and the room set up. If you’ve booked for an hour or more, your booking includes a relaxing fresh water spa and possibly some champagne (included in 90 mins and Executive Touch.)

Your masseuse will ask you to get in the shower, this is your opportunity to wash the important parts and get them ready to relax…We don’t know of any masseuse who doesn’t appreciate a gentleman who’s fresh from head to toe. 

While you have a nice hot shower the masseuse will prepare a drink for you and get ready to excite you!

Once she returns to the room your time will start … 

Enjoy the Premium Adult Massage at Bliss

Expect your masseuse to undress seductively, giving you time to look at her, she may even need a bit of a hand getting undressed. Surely, you won’t have a problem helping her if asked …

You’ll then slide yourself on to the massage table, close your eyes and your Happy Ending Massage has begun. 

Your masseuse might ask you if you have any aches and pains she can remedy, whether you’d like a soft touch or a firmer massage. Typically, she will start on your lower half and work her way up, you might feel a little tickle (if any) of her pubic hair as she moves her way around the table. 

But bear in mind, no two masseuses are the same and each time will be different. 

As you’re being massaged, you might feel a little tease of a finger running up your inner thigh, maybe a slight tickle of the balls, might feel her breathe done the nape of your neck whilst she starts to do a little body sliding! But not too much because it’s not time for you to turn over just yet… You’ll feel her move slowly up and down using her whole body, making sure you are primed and feeling just a little bit frisky!

You might want to check out the wonderful view you have from each mirror, is she touching herself whilst playing with you underneath the table? 

Watch her whisper “turn over” seductively in your ear. 

Once you’ve turned over, she will straddle or kneel over you. Pouring oil down her breasts, watch as she slips and slides all over you rubbing up against your naked body. Watch as she looks deeply in your eyes and proceeds to start your ‘Happy Ending’, moving her hands up and down, stroking you as gently or vigorously as you like. Feel free to check in with your masseuse if you might wan to indulge in something a bit more cheeky!

Once you’ve reached your peak you’ll get a couple minutes to bask in the glow before hoping in the shower,  allow her to wash the oil off your back and start to tidy up. 

Proceed to get dressed and your beautiful masseuse will walk you down the stairs and see you off with a smile. 

And that gentleman is a ‘Happy Ending Massage’, get in contact with us today… 

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Getting to Bliss on Crown Massage

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